About Jason

About Jason

“I always thought that music had no boundaries, no limits to where it could grow and go, no restrictions on its creativity. Good music is good music no matter what kind of music it is. And I always hated categories. Always. Never thought it had any place in music.”

Miles Davis (1926-1991)

“This quote by the legendary trumpeter, composer and band leader, Miles Davis sums up nicely what it is that I am striving for in my music. Jazz is what you make of it…being as open as possible to any music of the past, present or future. While at the same time, attempting to remain true and honest to yourself, and always staying in the moment.”
Jason Newman


Jason Newman is a pianist and composer based in the Philadelphia area, Pennsylvania. He received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music with an emphasis in Classical Composition and Jazz Studies from Lebanon Valley College in the spring of 2000. He received his Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition from West Chester University in the spring of 2016. Jason has been performing and booking shows throughout Philadelphia, Main Line, Lancaster and Harrisburg areas for his jazz trio, duo, solo & other ensembles for over the last fifteen years. With the current release of his debut trio album “Entwined”, Jason Newman continues to expand his reach musically through performance, composition and recording opportunities.

In addition to performing and developing his piano playing, Jason works by day in his private home studio as a composer of classical chamber & piano music. His “Adagio for String Quartet” was premiered & recorded by Curtis University’s “Astral Artists” String Quartet, at West Chester University, April 2014. His “motion-prelude” for solo piano was premiered by West Chester University pianist and professor, Dr. Carl Cranmer at the university in the spring of 2010. In 2008, his “sonata for piano” (commissioned work) was premiered by acclaimed Philadelphia classical pianist, Matthew Bengtson. In the fall of 2003, his “preludes for piano” (opus 1), were premiered by classical pianist Gary Gress, at the “concert for new music” series in Philadelphia, PA. He also maintains a full roster of private students, teaching piano repertoire, improvisation and composition throughout the greater Chester County and Philadelphia areas.

From 2004-2006, Jason worked as a keyboardist and co-composer with the original, modern rock band, Vista, based in Philadelphia, PA. The band performed throughout the northeast at a variety of venues, clubs & universities most notably in Philadelphia and in New York City. Vista released their debut album entitled ‘Waterful’ in 2006. Band members included Philadelphia singer-songwriter & guitarist, Andrew Lipke, brother & lead guitarist, Phil Newman, bassist, Mike Wittrien & drummer, Chris Loser.

Along with many great collaborations, Jason has studied and mentored with David Bennett Thomas, Ron Thomas, Thomas Strohman, Dr. Scott Eggert, Dr. Dennis Sweigert, Andy Roberts, Jim Ridl, Phil Markowitz, Dr. Mark Rimple, Dr. Van Stiefel, Dr. Rob Maggio and with NYC internationally acclaimed jazz pianist & composer, Kevin Hays.