“Preludes & Impromptus for Piano” (Spring, 2016)


“Chamber Suite for Piano Trio and Septet” (Fall/Winter 2015-2016)

  • 5 movement work for Piano Trio (Piano, Bass & Drums) & Septet (Clarinet, French Horn, Trombone & String Quartet)
  • This ‘graduate thesis’ work depicts a journey from departure to return
  • The work features both piano trio and septet along with improvisation from piano, bass & drums.


“Ballade for Piano Quartet” (2013, revised 2015)


“String Quartet No.1” (2012 – 2013)

  • Performed by Curtis University’s “Astral Artists” String Quartet
  • Recorded at West Chester University, April, 2014


“Prelude & Fugue for Piano” (Spring, 2013)

  • Study pieces exploring the compositional techniques of J.S Bach and other Baroque period composers


“3 John Milton Songs for Soprano & Archlute” (Spring, 2012)

  • Performed at West Chester University by Soprano, Stephanie Scogna & Arch Lutenist, Mark Rimple, May, 2012


“Trio for Flute, Cello & Piano” (2011 – 2012)


Art Song for Soprano & Piano” (Spring, 2010)

  • Subtitled “The One that Could Repeat the Summer Day.” A poem by Emily Dickinson
  • This is an homage to Aaron Copland, 20th century American Composer.
  • Performed live at West Chester University by Soprano, Stephanie Scogna & Pianist, Daniel Lawson, Spring, 2010


Motion-Prelude for Solo Piano” (Spring, 2010)

  • This piece is based on and inspired by the minimalistic, perpetual motion techniques of American composers John Adams & Steve Reich
  • Premiered by classical pianist, Carl Cranmer at West Chester University, May, 2010


Variations on ‘No Surprises’ for Clarinet, Violin & Cello” (Winter, 2010)

  • Variation I
  • Variation II
  • Variation III
  • This set of variations is based on “No Surprises”, a song by the modern rock band, Radiohead
  • Played here with instrument midi samples by Garritan Personal Orchestra


Solo for Clarinet” (Winter, 2010)

  • Subtitled “When There has become Here.” A quote by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
  • Performance by Clarinetist, Skip Hale
  • Recorded Live at West Chester University, February 2010


Scenes for Cello & Piano” (2009)

  • Scene I
  • Scene II
  • Scene III
  • Scene IV
  • Scene V
  • A Multi Movement piece for Cello & Piano each depicting an imagined scene.


Sonata for Piano” (Spring, 2008)

  • This commisioned piece premiered at the “Concert of New Music” in Lancaster, PA
  • Performed by acclaimed Philadelphia classical pianist, Matthew Bengtson
  • Recorded live, Fall 2008


Sonata for Solo Cello” (2007)


Sonatine for Flute & Piano” (2006)


Nocturne for Piano” (2004-2006)

  • This piece premiered at the “Concert of New Music” in Lancaster, PA.
  • Performed by classical pianist, Matthew Bengtson
  • Recorded live, Fall, 2008


Four Piano Preludes“, Opus 1 (2002-03)

  • Prelude I
  • Prelude II
  • Prelude III
  • Prelude IV
  • This set of?pieces premiered at the “Concert of New Music” in Philadelphia, PA
  • Performed by classical pianist, Gary Gress
  • Recorded live, Fall, 2003