Winter Reflection

Winter Reflection


I hope everyone is doing well this winter season. The winter has always been a reflective season for me. A time to re-evaluate, re-start, re-charge and dig deep to create new music, new ideas & new beginnings as spring is around the corner.

Over this past year, I have enjoyed a number of performances, and looking forward to new opportunities and creative outlets for my music through my playing & composition. I received my Master’s Degree in Music Theory & Composition from West Chester University, this past spring, 2016. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at WCU getting the chance to work with and learn from many very talented professors & ensembles. I look forward to staying connected with WCU in the coming years. And look for upcoming performances of my music at one of their fabulous facilities and concert halls.

Recently, I have worked on number of new pieces including a five movement “Chamber Suite” for Piano Trio (Piano, Bass & Drums) and Septet (Clarinet, French Horn, Trombone & String Quartet). The work includes written parts for the ensemble and improvisational passages for the Piano Trio. It also loosely follows and ties in a programmatic back-drop depicting a departure, moods along the journey, change and finally a return home. This piece was composed as part of my final thesis at WCU, 2015-2016. I am currently working on composing a new set of ‘shorter’ piano pieces, “Preludes & Impromptus for Solo Piano”. Look for upcoming performances and recordings of these new works and others in the future.

Lastly, I am continuing to work gradually towards my next album and a follow-up to my debut trio album, “Entwined” (2015). I’ve been working on adding new material for my jazz trio and possible guests to perform. Stay tuned for audio, video clips & news in regards to an upcoming recording…and look for potential upcoming local performances this spring and summer!

I would like to thank everyone who continues support, believe in me, my music and for those who continue to inspire me to create new music each day. I wish everyone a successful & fulfilling new year!

All the best,



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