Spring Ahead

Spring Ahead

Greetings everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the spring so far! Beautiful, warmer weather is on the horizon. Things here have been on the busier side these last few months between working on some new composition sketches, which I plan to formulate into some new chamber works & jazz compositions in the coming months. The trio has enjoyed some nice recent shows at Taste Winery in Phoenixville, PA. We are looking forward to performing on a semi-regular basis there, as well as some other local venues. These local venues gives us the chance to work & refine my newer & older original material/arrangements and bringing more of our live Jazz to Phoenixville. See the “performances” page for upcoming shows this spring & summer. More dates on the way!

And please check back on the “Media” page as I will be adding some new audio & video of the trio in performance & solo home studio recordings…along with an upcoming recording to my ‘adagio’ movement for String Quartet, performed by the Astral String Quartet at West Chester University.

Lastly, and as always, I want to thank you all of you for taking the time to check out my website, watching & listening to video/audio clips, coming to our shows and for all your support!

Thank you very much,


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